September 26, 2018

Setting up a practice property

Always ensure your lawyer has checked as well as any planning restrictions there are no restrictive covenants on any property  you use for the practice  eg Excessive noise (Kennelled dogs), restrictions on commercial use, hours of use
September 25, 2018

Why should a a client choose your practice?

Many authors, experts and surveys state that price is never a reason why clients go to a particular practice, thirty years of running practices in a large variety of areas in the UK has taught me something different- price does matter in relation to the client’s perception of value for money. That value may be […]
September 25, 2018
Sold_SignSmall2 copy

5 tips to help sell your practice

5 Tips to help sell you practice It can happen suddenly, on a Friday afternoon after a busy week, or while you are relaxing from the stresses of practice on holiday. The decision that the time was right to move on, you’ve had your practice and feel there is more to life than the responsibilities […]
September 8, 2018
Taking the knee

Little grump

Little Jessy or the Grump- taking the knee !