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April 25, 2020

Covid-19 and The practice economy

Covid will have a dramatic effect on the veterinary economy. The Lockdown will produce cashflow problems, especially for those practices without the cash assets to get through. The future may also look bleak with the UK/world economy becoming deeper into debt. The 2008 recession may seem like a single sneeze compared to the pneumonia of […]
April 25, 2020

Corvid and practice rents

Obviously the corporates are suffering alongside all of the independent practices, and so it was not unexpected that they would approach their landlords to reach agreement about rents over the lockdown period. The approaches seem to have varied between different corporates. The government passed a new temporary law prior to the lockdown that a landlord […]
July 5, 2019

Non competition law challenged-July 2019

5th July 2019 – A landmark case has led to the supreme court upholding the right of companies to impose non-complete clauses in executives’ contracts. – The Times, Business section 4th July 2019. This may have a profound effect on veterinary surgeons changing to competitor practices without having to wait for reasonable period.
June 14, 2019

VBA Article -July 20129

An article on what corporates are looking for when purchasing a practice will be published in the July edition of the Veterinary Business Agency (VBJ) monthly magazine.