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How the VBA can help you.

About our sales service.

The present Sales market and practice values

The value that is placed by a purchaser will be based upon the latest sets of accounts, which could include any lockdown periods, which would obviously have an adverse effect on any values produced, and therefore this must be presented in a way that shows the true value of the practice.

What we can offer

(a) Traditional sales service This combines a practice visit to obtain background and financial information that allows us to undertake the practice valuation. This utilises telephone support throughout the marketing and sales process.

(b) Digital sales service - that utilises Zoom/Teams/FaceTime to allow digital communication between the sellers and ourselves to obtain the required information to produce a sales value, we will maintain communication and assistance throughout the sales process. Utilising this service reduces our costs and resultant fees.
With both (a) & (b) we deal with both provisional and final offers and will be present when the preferred bidders visit the practice to negotiate a final head of terms

(c) An Algorithm based digital goodwill valuation service, either the Free service or the Standard valuation service that gives more detail of the valuation and how the valuation is arrived at.
Good profitable well managed practices of the right size and in the right location can still command a good price if the sale is handled in a professional way by a team the understands the veterinary market. There are new equity groups from abroad looking to get into the UK market and pay a premium price if the practice fits their requirements.
To discuss the options available in the present market contact Malcolm at the VBA without any obligations.

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