If you are considering selling your veterinary practice -
Speak to The VBA first.
" We make it our business to achieve the best for your business "

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Selling your practice is a one off opportunity so get it right.

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With over 80% of practices being sold to the initial corporate approach, many practices are missing out on their final exit price.
Final price variations can be 25- 100% more than the initial offer if the practice sale is handled in a professional way by a team the understands the veterinary market - speak to The VBA and see how we can help maximise the return on your practice.
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Unlike most business brokers and accountancy firms that sell all types of businesses, The VBA only sells veterinary practices. A couple of the more recent entries into the brokerage market have copied our style, but then I suppose this should be taken as a compliment. The difference is we have specialised purely in veterinary practice sales for over 35 years.
With the advance of the corporate practices the market has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, however, the successful sale of a practice still needs to have that relationship between the seller, broker and purchaser to obtain the best outcome. Our service includes all marketing, preparation of a comprehensive sales memorandum, screening buyers, negotiation, , communications, advice, and working with lawyers and accountants through to completion. Our normal brokerage fees are from 3.5% of the Goodwill value achieved on a No sale-No fee basis.
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Tel Malcolm 0793 9216174 or Contact mal@thevba.com

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"I wholeheartedly recommend The VBA to anyone wishing to sell their practice. Throughout the whole process Malcolm and Arthur were there to support me and smooth the way, negotiating with prospective buyers and finding me the best legal representation and always available answer any of my concerns. A very professional service." GM, North West England

"The VBA dealt with any problems efficiently and quickly throughout  the sales process would recommend them to colleagues." PM, East Midlands.

“I am grateful to The VBA and Malcolm Wright for their expert advice and guidance  on the sale of my practice, making what could have been a difficult process much easier, thank you". MW, W. Scotland”

"The VBA’s service was excellent and Malcolm’s wealth of experience and his friendly professional manner made the entire process a lot easier. We would strongly recommend the VBA. They were totally committed to the entire process from the initial viewings through to the completion of the sale. "
MM N.England

“We requested The VBA to assist in processing a Merger between our two practices. They provided both a professional and personal service, responding quickly to matters, liaised with our accountants and solicitors from the initial meetings to the completion of the merger.”
J.Linscott & J.Watkinson Yordale Vets
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